Dear Challenge Gods, Bring Back Derrick Kosinski – Sincerely, The Entire Challenge Fan Base

As Brad Fiorenza once said about his cast-mate… “It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog.” Nobody has more fight than Derrick Kosinski.

Derrick is a Challenge Legend who is absolutely not done kicking ass. After 10 full Seasons, 3 championships, and the most memorable elimination on The Challenge, the fans need more DKO on our favorite show. 

Looking for a reminder of his greatness? 

Derrick is an embodiment of how The Challenge is the fifth major sport. From BATTLES with Syrus, Wes, Joss, Brandon, Brad, Ace and more — D clearly welcomes the physical aspect. From all his time spent on the shows not getting kicked off, to even letting Nelson face muff him without retaliation — D obviously owns the emotional aspect. And although he may not be the top challenger in intelligence, Derrick can still outsmart his competition like he did with Joss, and be so likable in the house to not even see an elimination like in The Ruins.

Derrick is truly one of a kind. We have never seen anyone like him and certainly never will. Derrick is the most likable, friendly, and honest person to be cast on MTV’s The Challenge. Derrick Kosinski is SO GOOD at the fifth major sport, he can take 7 years off, come back to almost a whole new cast, and still finish second. How can you not bring a guy like that back?

Not only is he a bad ass competitor, Derrick is also the conscience of the show. Without Derrick, we rarely get a glimpse of the good side of people on reality TV. If there is someone to admire on The Challenge it is this man. The guy who sticks to his morals, is as loyal as they come, and will absolutely never quit. Per Johnny Bananas, “They could’ve given Joss a baseball bat and said ‘beat the shit out of Derrick for a half hour’, and Derrick would still have not given up.” It doesn’t get any truer than that.

“I came here to beat some ass, and I did.” I don’t think there is a better Derrick quote to sum up his own experiences on the show. Derrick IS The Challenge pit-bull. He is one of a maybe 5 male competitors in challenge history who can win any daily challenge, elimination, or final in his way. He is without a doubt one of the greatest of all time. 

The issue we are facing is, if Derrick is such a beast, an OG cast member, a road ruler, can still bring the drama, AND has a showcase of epic moments, why in the world do the challenge gods not bring him back?

Hey Challenge Gods, if you are confused on what to do with Derrick, we are here to help. 

Looking for another Rivals/Vendettas season? Perfect! Let’s partner Derrick up with Joss, Nelson, or Cory. 

The Guantlet 2 coudld’ve been titled “The Derrick Kosinski season,” if there is ever return to this format, you don’t have a choice but to bring D back. It’s always great to re-live this battle between Derrick and Syrus. In case you didn’t know, Derrick CHOSE this elimination…

Looking for another exes season? No Problem! We know you love to stretch the themes so how about Britni, Robin, Jodi, or Casey for a partner.

Looking to spice things up a bit with The Challenge Alliances theme? Even better! Derrick can be with Darrell, Bananas, Brad, Tony, Mark Long, Kenny, Evan, Emily, Susie, Rachel, Katy, Scott Yager and so many more.

Or maybe you are looking to give the fans a throwback and do a Vets Vs. Rookies season or Real world Vs. Road Rules. If Derrick Kosinski isn’t  top 5 on your list for that season feel free to hire me as a producer to help out with some logical issues.

Thinking of doing another individual challenge like Free Agents, Dirty XXX, or The Duel? Derrick cannot be better for a season like this. If you remember his performance on The Duel, Kicking ass in the push over challenge, and the insane elimination with Wes, then surely you would want him back. Most recently, we watched Derrick smash the competition on Dirty XXX. He was the only male finalists to not see the redemption house and even took out The Challenge GOAT to further himself in the game. Let’s not forget his fight with Nelson either.

Also, if somehow you haven’t seen it, here is Derrick Vs. Wes.

Cutthroat season 2 on your mind? Good. Derrick’s performance in cutthroat was incredible. I know Derrick, myself, and the fans will never forget the Riot Act challenge (watch here) where Derrick was ready to take out Brad, Dunbar, and Tyler by himself. He was the final male on his team and probably would’ve beat Tyler in any other elimination. 

If you lose your minds again and think of doing The Island 2, let’s not forget who was one of the four winners that season while you make the next one… Take a look at D on one of the 2 challenges he competed in before the final on The Island.

The point is, at 35, Derrick is still an elite competitor with an abundance of the greatest moments in The Challenge history. To take one of the best competitors of all time away from us, the challenge gods would be doing themselves a huge disservice.

Derrick Kosinski brings more life to the show.  They know the fans that want less drama and more competition, and if they haven’t realized who is perfect for that, look no further than this legend.

If Challenge Mania is what is left for Derrick than consider me a happy man. Scott & D’s podcast feels like another episode of the show every-time we listen. But, we know Scott can handle things for a couple months if need be.

The fans love him, the challengers love him, and he certainly brings the style to MTV.  

It is time to once again let the pit-bull out of his cage.

Follow Derrick on twitter and Instagram @DerrickMTV. AND be sure to check out Challenge Mania on iTunes, visit their shop, and consider becoming a patron of the podcast.

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