War of The Worlds

Our First Look at The Challenge: War of the Worlds


Season 33 is 21 days and about 32 minutes away from blowing our minds with 18 brand new cast members, the return of legends Wes, Leroy, & Nany, and per TJ Lavin, “our best work to date.” Is there anyone not overly excited about this?

Picture this… After all these years… Johnny AND Wes back on our screens together. I CAN NOT WAIT to see this dynamic. Will they secretly team up? Will they go after each other right away? WILL THEY GO AGAINST EACH OTHER IN ELIMINATION? How about a final with Wes Vs. Johnny Vs. CT. The potential for this season is through the roof and we are literally counting the hours until Wednesday February 6th.

ICYMI, here is the trailer.

It looks like we are in for a treat my fellow challenge super-fans.

Not only is this season coming so soon… The Challenge gods have blessed us with a fantastic cast (minus Amanda). The King and Queen lead off the list broken down below.

The Vets

Johnny Bananas – 6 Championships (+1 Champs Vs. Stars Season 2)
Cara Maria – 2 Championships (+1 Champs Vs. Pros Season 1)
CT – 2 Championships (+1 Champs Vs. Stars Season 3)
Wes – 2 Championships
Ashley – 2 Championships
Hunter – 1 Championship
Zach – 1 Championship

Fresh Meat

Zahida Allen (EOTB)
Turabi Camkiran (Survivor)
Theo Campbell (Love Island)
Stephen Bear (Geordie Shore)
Shaleen Sutherland (Bachelor)
Natalie Duran (ANW)
Morgan Willett (Big Brother)
Mattie Lynn Breaux (Party Down South)
Liz Nolan (Big Brother)
Julia Nolan (Big Brother)
Josh Martinez (Big Brother)
Joao Paulo Andrade (EOTB)
Gus Smyrnios (Floribama Shore)
Georgia Harrison (Love Island)
Dee Nguyen (Geordie Shore)
Chase Mcnary (The Bachelorette)
Ashley Cain (EOTB)
Alan Valdez (Telemundo)

We are definitely going to see an interesting cast here. When breaking down potential alliances – The Big Brother influx is obviously huge for Paulie, Natalie, & Da’Vonne – we can’t forget that Chase & Paulie did Ex on the Beach together as well. Hunter and Gus went to the same high school together so there’s a future alliance to watch out for. Don’t sleep on Kyle and his new squad of Brits either! Can you believe he is the only returning member from the UK? Not even Joss!

It will be interesting to see what they do with 18 Rookies and 16 Vets. I can’t wait to find out how these pairs are going to work, what the new eliminations will be, if we finally get a legit final after 2 disappointing ones in a row, and of course – TJ Lavin is back.

Who is Missing?

If The Challenge gods had the opportunity to bring in some people from seasons 29 (Invasion) to 32 (Final Reckoning) these would be it:
Derrick, Darrell, Tony, Brad, Camila, Laurel, Jordan, Tori, Britni, Joss, Rogan, Nicole, and fuck it even throw Nelson in there.

Of course we can’t always get what we want and this time around we truly have no reason to complain, we have a stellar list of returning Vets and some of the Fresh Meat truly look intimidating.

Although the old school challenge fan in me wishes this season was called Fresh Meat 3, it seems as if we are going to have the same format – 1 Vet and 1 Rookie paired up, the first episode according to People will be “Basic Training” with what we can only assume will be something like the combine our favorites like Cara, Diem, & Kenny all competed on back in their Fresh Meat days. The best part about that – this one airs January 30th before the premier!

Buckle up Challenge Maniacs. The War of the Worlds is on the horizon.


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