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Pre-Season Power Rankings: War of The Worlds

Welcome all to the first session of the War of the Worlds power rankings. So we’re clear, rankings will be reflected every week proceeding each episode and will be based on challenge performance, elimination performance, drama stirred up, alliances and the overall feel of the house week to week. Let’s get right to it.


#1 Cara Maria Sorbello (13th Challenge)

Cara returns to the challenge for her 5th time in a row. Cara gets the nod at the top for two reasons. First, she is just good at the game when it comes to challenges, eliminations, and she’s an OG that other OG’s love to protect. Second, she is a beast in the elimination ring with 12 wins under her belt. If Cara gets a strong partner look for her return to the top sooner rather than later for that 3rd championship. Her main weakness will be the Paulie & Kyle love triangle drama and everything that comes with it.

#2 Zach Nichols (8th Challenge)

Zach may or may not appear like a surprise at #2, but if you look at his history, it’s easy to see why. A one-time champion and three-time finalist, Zach’s challenge history has been up and down season to season. One could argue that if Amanda had not fought with him so much, they appeared on their way to a final and maybe a victory. Now in his eighth season, Zach is more composed than ever and still at the top of the food chain when it comes to daily challenges. If Zach can put his pride aside (not saying it was a bad thing) he could make it back to the top.

#3 Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (18th Challenge)

Love him or hate him, Bananas is the challenge. The man seems to be at the middle of all aim-sights from rookies every year. Bananas gets a reputation for being one of the dirtiest in the game. He can talk himself in to tight corners sometimes but this season he comes with a stronger alliance than in recent memory. Daily challenges are where he shines, but eliminations and rookie females are his down fall.

#4 Wes Bergmann (11th Challenge)

The king of the mind games has returned after a four-season hiatus. Wes holds the record for 13 elimination wins (18 wins counting Champs vs Stars) and is known for pulling off last minute deals to help his game go forward. Wes might be one of the most liked challengers when he meets new cast members as he works with rookies’ season to season. His biggest down fall might be trying to get Bananas out too early.

#5 Ashley Mitchell (4th Challenge)

The million-dollar challenger, Ashley is back again to rub her money in your face. No matter what TJ throws her way, Ashley is just good at The Challenge. Her biggest downfall is herself. Ashley can lose her cool here and there, and this season it’s likely to happen more as she will have a huge target on her back.

#6 CT Tamburello (15th Challenge)

The big dog is back to see “if hes got one more in him”…again. CT is one of the most feared competitors this sport has ever seen. Even now in his dad days he still pulls off daily challenge wins. The way he handled his partner last season was a growing point for him, and he will try to get the most out of his partner going forward. CT’s down fall will be these hungry rookies looking to start at the top compared to previous seasons.

#7 Hunter Barfield (4th Challenge)

The first Are You The One? Winner the challenge has had is coming into this season with a mission to leave with a back-to-back championship as well as money this time around. Hunter is very strong when it comes to solo competitions, yet puzzles seem to still be a struggle. This game will go one of two ways for Hunter and it all depends on how emotional he will let his decisions get.

#8 Kam Williams (3rd Challenge)

“Killa” Kam or “Queen’ Kam, no matter what you call her, one thing is for sure, she is a feared female in this house. Kam is great at politicking in the game and is never one to shy away from making a game changing move. You can’t argue her performance in eliminations either. The question is, will a sneak-peak love triangle get in the way of her game play?

#9 Kyle Christie (3rd Challenge)

Kyle is a smooth talking, risk taking, controversy causing challenger that always adds a little extra to each episode. I think one of Kyle’s strengths is his ability to form alliances, and with so many UK additions this season, Kyle may have as good a shot as ever to return to the final. Kyle’s downfall is how emotional he gets when making decisions, which can lead to entering that Killing Floor early if he’s not careful.

#10 Leroy Garrett (10th Challenge)

Leroy is a known coaster through these games. People love Leroy, and he takes advantage of this. While this isn’t Leroy’s only strength, being on everyone’s side is a huge plus in this game. He excels on competitions that require getting your hands on another player. Floating too long can be a dangerous thing to do in this game and now on his 10th season, we will see if Roy Lee the barber can finally pull out a W.

#11 Paulie Calafiore (2nd Challenge)

Paulie was made for the challenge. People that love him, get his game play, and people that hate him, think he’s a villain. This right here is why he is great for the game. Polarizing figures like Paulie truly help make the storyline. Paulie is in great shape, very well-conditioned, and has the will of no other. His down fall in this game is the rivalry he has with Kyle (potentially Zach), also everybody knows his style of game play now.

#12 Jenna Compono (7th Challenge)

Jenna returns to hopefully be able to perform on this challenge. She has always been the can-do anything girl, who is fearless. Jenna and Zach never seem to be able to stay very long together on a challenge, so will this be the season, or will that trend continue?

#13 Amanda Garcia (5th Challenge)

Amanda plays this game very well, until she “pops off” on somebody. She can compete, is intelligent, and has a strong alliance most of the time. If she can hold off on snapping at people, this could be her chance at making a final.

#14 Nany Gonzalez (6th Challenge)

Welcome back Nany. After a four-season leave she is back and letting it be known she is single and ready to Chase after some of these rookies. Nany has always been one to give it her everything and seems to be a floater until an alcohol filled night that will cause a fight. If Nany can keep her emotions in check she has a chance to be an underdog and make her way back to a final.

#15 Da’Vonne Rogers (2nd Challenge)

Da’Vonne is loud, she is confident, and at times she can go with the best of them. The only thing holding her this low in the rankings is the lack of experience and lack of a truly strong alliance.

#16 Natalie Negrotti (3rd Challenge)

Natalie is a wild situation. Yes, she can run, and does alright in some challenges, but she doesn’t cut it here. Natalie needs a strong partner to make it far in these games. If she doesn’t receive a good partner from the start this could go downhill from there.


#1 Turabi “Turbo” CamkiranSurvivor Turkey

Turabi aka “Turbo” is a known beast. Not only did he win Survivor Turkey, but he also went right back on the next season of Survivor All Stars and won again. Turbo also is trained in the martial arts of Muay Thai, so one on one competition isn’t an issue. Look for Turbo to be the rookie in the competition to place in the top three on daily competitions.

#2 Natalie “Ninja” DuranAmerican Ninja Warrior

The famed “Ninja” is one of the first females to both climb the new 14 ½ ft warped wall and make the Vegas Finals of American Ninja Warrior. Ninja also holds a degree in neuroscience and is a professional rock climber. She is going to set the tone and look like a female the vets will want to avoid. Looks like we’ve got a new Natalie in town.

#3 Stephen BearEx on the Beach

Bear might seem like a surprise on this list in comparison to the first two, but Bear has won Celebrity Big Brother UK, and did so after having been up for elimination for over 2/3 of the show. Bear also took 5th place on the UK show titled “Shipwrecked”. On the meet the prospects he was already seen making an alliance. He appears to be a guy who needs stuff to go his way or he could be a flake.

#4 Ashley CainEx on the Beach UK

Ashley is a former professional soccer player over in England from ’09 to ’14 until he completely ruptured his right Achilles tendon.  On Ex on the Beach, Ashley was a player, hooking up with multiple women along the way. He is bigger than he was as a pro athlete, so is he all show and no go? These first few daily’s will show his true colors, and anybody with his size will certainly have a target by the Vets.

#5 Morgan WillettBig Brother

Former winner on her BB over the top season. Known for forming strong alliances without being the focal point of the group. Morgan is very likeable and may be able to make it to the end based on her social game.

#6 Theo CampbellLove Island                                                  

Theo is a former Olympic sprinter for Great Britain. Took 8th place on his season of Love Island as well. He’s 6’5 and in very good shape but will his smooth-talking balance out his athletic ability?

#7 Joao Paulo AndradeEx On the Beach Brazil

Joao is getting called the Brazilian Joss and from a looks stand point it’s as true as it gets. Once named Mr. Brazil, Joao also has a degree in energy engineering. We might be seeing the good ol’ brains and brawn combination-a rarity in The Challenge.

#8 Josh MartinezBig Brother

A former winner of BB, who seemed to coast off others success and leadership. Josh appears to make enemies easier than one would want in this game.

#9 Mattie Lynn BreauxParty Down South

This ranking is based off the self-declared nickname of “Beautiful disaster” she gave herself. Mattie appears to be one female you do not want to upset.

#10 Gus SmyrniosFloribama Shore

Gus is in shape and very likable. He gets along with both men and women, but is he too nice?  Can he compete with the veterans and rookies who are twice his size?

#11 Chase McNaryThe Bachelorette

Chase appears athletic, also appears to unnecessary ruffle feathers because he views himself above others. Chase has a chance to be this seasons “all show and no go” for the rookies.

#12 Liz NolanBig Brother

Former runner up on BB. Liz is the social one between the twins. She was apart of two very strong alliances that helped her getting to the final. Liz is very competitive, but will she be a floater?

#13 Alan Valdez – Telemundo personality

Alan is a former Mexican basketball star and fitness model. Alan appears to be quiet and looking like he may struggle to find his voice if in a position of power.

#14 Dee NguyenGeordie Shore

Dee loves to run, do yoga, and party. Dee has been studying Jujitsu and has shown to be a mama bear regarding those close to her. Will these play to her advantage, or will she be on the wrong side of alliances?

#15 Julia NolanBig Brother

Has a 6th place finish from her BB run. Quiet compared to her sister, will she get lost in the void?

#16 Shaleen SutherlandBachelor Canada

Shaleen is an actress/model that can really bring the drama as well as use her charm to align herself along.

#17 Georgia HarrisonLove Island

Appears to be here for fun, looking for hook ups, and on vacation. Will be interesting if she can compete in a physical challenge.

#18 Zahida AllenEx on the Beach

Zahida appears to be in the exact same boat as Georgia. The big difference here is the vengeful drama Zahida brings from her show.

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