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War of the Worlds: Week 1 Power Rankings

What an opening episode! Welcome Fifth Sporter’s to week 1 of our power rankings. The Challenge gave us 18 new prospects, 16 vets, a daily challenge with a purge right out of the gate, drama, and a twist! The prospects picking the pairs?… Interesting choice Challenge Gods. These rankings reflect Wednesday night’s episode, based on performance, drama caused, alliance movement, and of course opinion. These rankings will also be a collection of three different sets of power rankings from the Fifth Major Sport team and averaged out to give the most unbiased rankings we can provide.

Let’s get right into it from the bottom with the consolation team.

17. Liz and Alan

While technically never a pair, this ranking is to reflect the finish they had in War of the Worlds. For both it was a disappointment but in completely different fashions. Liz couldn’t focus enough to beat Zahida or Shaleen in the puzzle and Alan caught a tough break (literally) right out of the gate. While we would like to see Alan get a second chance one day, he may want to talk to Rogan about what not to do if he ever wants to appear on The Challenge again.

16. Josh and Amanda                  

Highest Rank – 16      Lowest Rank – 16

Let’s look at the positive: this team gets a chance to compete and anything can happen, so there’s that. Now into reality: Amanda came in third to last in the puzzle which is supposed to be one of her strengths. Josh got eliminated and is only back because Alan broke his arm/wrist. If Josh’s anxiety kicked in this hard on the first challenge I can only imagine how it will be with Amanda breathing down his neck. This team must perform flawlessly going forward to have any chance of survival. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the Killing Floor next week.

15.Gus and Jenna                    

Highest Rank – 11      Lowest Rank – 15

Does Gus know what drama he’s gotten himself into? While Gus clearly made smart pick with Jenna who has proven to be able to do anything the challenge throws her way, he will be thrown right into the drama with her, Zach, and Amanda. He didn’t have much of a decision, but he certainly needs to prepare sooner for the later for the shitstorm coming his was. Jenna is back to prove why she has been to three finals and almost a 4th on Dirty 30. If these two can perform we have a legitimate sleeper pair on our hands.

14. Zahida and Zach                    

Highest Rank – 10      Lowest Rank – 14

This could be bad. The biggest think these two have in common is “ZA” to start their names. Zahida barley made it into the show, and Zach appeared to not get any love (being the last male vet selected). In the past Zach’s been a poor teammate, this time around will he show growth or will Zahida bring out the worst in him? Zahida didn’t show anything to help the ranking here. If she can make that connection she wanted to with Ashley C., then maybe a strong alliance can keep them going. This pairing reminds me or Landon and Carly from Fresh Meat 2, with a much smaller chance to win.

13. Shaleen and Leroy                 

Highest Rank -12        Lowest Rank – 13

Leroy appears caught up in a messy love connection with Kam. He might be too focused on his relationship with her and not the game. Leroy is a known coaster in this game which is becoming bland. He is great for the show with his personality, although, it would be nice to see Leroy take more of a leadership role in his 10th season if he’s going to make it to the end with his rookie partner. Shaleen was almost invisible this episode, which is fair considering there were 34 people to be focused on. She performed just how we thought she would. If Bananas can win daily challenges and protect Leroy I see him making it a decent way. If not, this team could have an early exit.

12. Chase and Ashley                  

Highest Rank – 10      Lowest Rank – 15

Team emotion right here. One episode in and both of these headcases have been at the focal point of unneeded drama. Chase appears to have become too attached to Nany after a few hours, and Ashley got into a heated argument with Theo. Ashley did deliver the quote of the episode so far saying Theo better be careful or she will pick him and then quit, forcing him to go home. Saying that it wouldn’t matter to her because “I’m rich, bitch.”

***Side note, we witnessed firsthand Chase getting manhandled by Leroy (to his credit Leroy could out muscle almost all males in this competition) which might just be proving Chase is all popcorn-muscles as Shady Shane would call it.

11. Bear and Da’Vonne     

Highest Rank – 6        Lowest Rank – 15

Performance based – this pair dominated, finishing 2nd and 1st respectively for their groups. While Da’Vonne appears to have a good game plan in place, we have yet to see her successfully put anything together. Bear, like Da’Vonne, appears loud and will make a target for himself early. This teams ranking will go one of two ways, correct due to lack of experience and being too loud in the game, or we will all will be dead wrong when they are here for the long run after successfully putting together a strong alliance and continue to perform in the daily challenges.

10. JP and Natalie                        

Highest Rank – 9        Lowest Rank – 12

This team makes sense. Both are from south America, JP appears to be reserved a little and Natalie has some experience in this game now. We didn’t get a lot from this pair in the first showing which might be a good thing as they will not cause much drama, for now. It will be incredibly interesting to see if JP is a better fit for Natalie then Paulie was on Final Reckoning. To see a big strong male, and smaller strong female is giving me Darrell & Aviv vibes all the way back on Fresh Meat 1.

9. Georgia and Hunter               

Highest Rank – 9        Lowest Rank – 11

What a surprise Georgia was on the first challenge. First impressions with her took a dent after her performance. Sometimes a competitor just needs the right motivation to show their true potential, and Hunter is the perfect partner for that. Hunter appears to be sliding into the UK alliance and will put Georgia on his back to go for a W in his 2nd season in a row.

8. Mattie and Kyle                    

 Highest Rank – 5        Lowest Rank – 13

Listen up people… Kyle is good at this game! He knows how to align himself with the right people but is too emotional to control the game how he thinks he can. If Kyle can get over the Paulie and Cara situation he will be just fine, if not then a sinking ship might be among us. Mattie looks like she is there for a good time, but at the same time has some potential. Picking Kyle because he is hot might not be the best strategy, but you must like your partner to get along. This team is the ultimate teeter-totter, they could be at the top next week, or falter if Mattie Lynn is sick of the love triangle.

7. Julia and CT                          

  Highest Rank – 6        Lowest Rank – 8

This team is a mystery. While CT has a long resume of dominating daily challenges and being feared from all in the game, the lack of confidence lies in his ability to work with a partner. Julia preformed well and her sister going home right away will likely help her game play in the long run. If CT can be supportive and Julia can continue to perform, this duo could make great stride in this game.

6. Theo and Cara

Highest Rank – 3        Lowest Rank – 7

This team gets it’s rank not solely based on their performance Wednesday where Theo placed 3rd and Cara finished 8th, but for its potential. Theo showing hes a competitor and that he’s not afraid to ruffle some vets’ feathers along the way is a sign that he isn’t going to take shit from anyone. With Cara as his partner, he is likely to outlast any lavender loser in his way. Challenge fans know Cara is strong, she’s always willing to do what ever it takes to win, and is also a beast in eliminations. This team will have protection from both the UK and the OG’s which could help them slide into the finals.

5. Turbo and Nany         

Highest Rank – 4        Lowest Rank – 7

Nany is back! Nany showed that taking time off hasn’t affected her game. On the first challenge she came in 3rd, made a connection with Chase, showed she’s still friends with all the vets, and still has a little something with Bananas. Turbo finished 5th which was a little disappointing, but he finished with confidence and showed composure with being under pressure, same with picking a bed. I have a feeling Turbos performance will only go up from here out.

4. Dee and Wes                          

Highest Rank – 2        Lowest Rank – 6

This is an interesting pair, and one that has great potential. Dee preformed well being one of the first females at the puzzle. Wes appeared to struggle a little bit on the puzzle but in the house showed his ability to be liked by many. Most notably was his helping of calming Ashley down after her blow up, showing Wes might have a bigger web of connections than we know. This team has the potential to be one of the strongest the entire game.

3. Ninja and Paulie                     

Highest Rank – 3        Lowest Rank – 4

This pair looks good, both on paper and in the game. Both these two won their respective heats and set the record straight they were here to play. Physically this team should dominate both daily challenges and eliminations. The real question is – how well will they form an alliance to protect them from being targeted every week?

2. Ashley C and Kam                    

Highest Rank – 1        Lowest Rank – 7

Brains and brawns right here. Both finished in the top 2 for their respective groups and proved they can work well under pressure. Obviously, this team will be very physically strong pair that with Ashley’s potential UK alliance and Kam’s sneaky good game play, and we have a true contender here.

1 – Morgan and Bananas             

Highest Rank – 1        Lowest Rank – 2

This team looks dangerous right out of the gate. Both finished 2nd among their peers, showing a puzzle won’t get in the way. Two smart players with a knack for forming alliances and using a numbers game to progress far in the game will be their strong spot. Look for this team to be a top 3 finish in nearly every daily challenge, and if they make their way to the final you can make that check out to “Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devananzio.”

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