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Karma’s A Bitch, Bitch.

Tonight…the Killing Floor claimed its first victim.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Ashley took your money and you took her game. HUNTER.BRIAN.BARFIELD.NEVER.TELLS.A.LIE. He said he was gunning for her, he said we was gonna take her out, and he (Georgia) took out the biggest thief in Challenge history. From first to worst, goodbye Smashley.

The elimination “Drone Ball Drop” was sick. Ode to the good old days if you ask me. Nothing better than a physical elimination right out of the gate. Thank you Justin Booth & thank you remaining Challenge Gods for making that happen.

Even though “Ashley is toxic, mean, and steals money, she’s still one of the best challenger’s ever,” Do you still feel that way after she took the L to the rookie Mr. Bergmann?

WHO ELSE FELT LIKE THIS ELIMINATION LOOKED LIKE A SPORT? The hype, the intensity, the mid-elimination high fives with the crowd… it doesn’t get realer than that.

MTV Couldn’t have set this up more perfect. To quench our thirst for this insane rivalry so early… we applaud you Challenge gods.

Let’s back up JUST A LITTLE BIT to the format for this season. I really thought the trilogy was over… BUT at least they took they best things from the past few seasons. The tribunal (the troika) and going back to the duel format where the person voted in can call out anyone they want. YOU ARE GIVING THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT BMP. WE LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW. We even got a little homage to “The Island.”

Speaking of The Island… does this “relic” twist remind anyone of a key? If you don’t win a key you don’t win? If you don’t earn a relic you can’t make the final? Okay this is all speculation but I am definitely curious… you’re playing with my heart strings MTV.

And seriously, EPISODE 3 AND A LEGEND IS GOING HOME? My money is on CT because we know at some point he gets called out into elimination or Zach if someone calls him down for being partnered with Zahida.

Episode 2 was a success, fantastic job MTV.

More to follow from The Fifth Major Sport in the next two days on this episode!

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