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War of the Worlds: Week 4 Power Rankings

Another week has come and gone and boy did the drama escalate. This week we got to see another chapter in the Kyle/Cara/Paulie awkward love drama. A heights challenge called Fallout brought out the dare devils in the house to show who had no fear. Also, this is another week in which a challenge champion has gone home… the third week in a row. These rankings will reflect on the last episode, based on performance, drama caused, alliance movement, and of course opinion. These rankings will also be a collection of three different sets of power rankings from the staff and averaged out to give the most unbiased rankings on the web.

12. Josh & Amanda

Highest Rank – 11            Lowest Rank – 12       Last Week – 14 (+2)

Here we are, back at the bottom for another week. More and more that top 3 finish is starting to look like a fluke win. Amanda might have lost a rival in Bananas last week but could’ve just gained one in Hunter this week (or was this just a ploy to get teams off her tail?). Poor performance and lack of anything in this episode outside of Josh and Hunter yelling at one another keeps this pair at the bottom yet again.

11. Leroy & Shaleen

Highest Rank – 10            Lowest Rank – 12       Last Week – 13 (+2)

First, lets take a look at the positives. Shaleen got an interview shown on an episode. Now for the daily challenge, Shaleen hit the beam hard and couldn’t grab a hold of anything. Leroy is starting to get jealous of Kam’s flirting with Theo, and it can only take a turn for the worse for his game play if he can’t either get Kam back, or get over her.

10. Da’Vonne & Bear

Highest Rank – 9   Lowest Rank – 11       Last Week – 10 (+2)

It’s likely that the best thing to come out of this pair here is that Bear is hooking up with Georgia. Outside of that, Da’Vonne had some good commentary, but again this pair just didn’t perform. Bear was talking about how he loves heights, yet he didn’t do the jumping. It’s still a surprise that this pair hasn’t been nominated into the Killing Floor yet.

9. Jenna & Gus

Highest Rank – 9  Lowest Rank – 10       Last Week – 9 (0)

Poor Gus, he took a hit so hard off that beam that his teeth came through his bottom lip. The positive factors here is that Jenna’s rival Amanda did just as bad, her alliance is still strong, and Gus is not afraid to do anything. Gus will throw himself to the wolves if it meant winning.  This team rounds out the bottom 4 but this is just a pile up group now, just waiting to be called into elimination if they don’t start picking it up. Look out for Gus & Jenna to keep sneaking through the killing floor because everyone (but Amanda) seems to love them.

8. Wes & Dee

Highest Rank – 6  Lowest Rank – 7         Last Week – 3 (-5)

After a whole episode dedicated to this pair, this week they took a huge step back. We got a fun little interview from Wes during the elimination but that was about it. During the Fallout challenge Wes made the first transition to the swinging beam but couldn’t jump to hit the bell. Wes losing an ally in CT hurt this team and Wes appears to be the next champion who could be on the chopping block if this pair or their alliance don’t win next week.

7. Kam & Ashley

Highest Rank – 2  Lowest Rank – 8         Last Week – 2 (-5)

Image result for Ashley Cain the challenge

Quiet week for this loud team. In the daily challenge Kam made the first jump but was unable to transition to hit the bell. So, performance wise this group finished in the middle pack. Kam is shown to be flirting with Theo right in front of Leroy which may be signs of future trouble. Ashley this episode was almost invisible. This is a pair to get excited about if they enter the Killing Floor. Look for them to stay towards the upper and middle pack as they perform each week.

6. Zach & Zahida

Highest Rank – 5  Lowest Rank – 8         Last Week – 8 (+2)

Zach this episode looked to be in a better state of mind mentally compared to the previous episodes. In the daily, Zach secured a top 5 finish even though they were already safe by holding the relic. Zach made it clear that he is on Kyle’s side and doesn’t like this new way Cara is acting. This pair appears to be hitting their stride and Zach’s rival Amanda is sitting at the bottom. Zahida was quiet this episode but held her own in the daily challenge, despite being afraid of heights.

5. Cara & Theo

Highest Rank – 4  Lowest Rank – 7         Last Week – 4 (-1)

First, performance wise this was a good week even though Theo has a fear of heights. A top 5 finish is good considering how many pairs DQ’d. Zach is more on Kyle’s side than Cara’s. However, Kam is more into Theo than she is Leroy. The drama created in the house might start becoming a distraction for this team. This pair can make it far by just being a threat nobody wants to see in the Killing Floor.

4. Hunter & Georgia

Highest Rank – 2  Lowest Rank – 6         Last Week – 6 (+2)

This team is no longer a dark horse and have moved into contender status with a top 3 finish. It’s time to stop being amazed when Georgia does well in a daily challenge as she is performing week in and out. Hunter showed he’s out for revenge as Josh said his name in week one and he returned the favor. This felt like a set up to make people think Amanda and Hunter were no longer working with one another. Georgia and Bear appear to be having a growing romance, which can give some confidence in the game or could set up a possible down fall in the future. This team appears to be the most connected in the house. Is the rest of the cast going to let Hunter make it to two consecutive finals?

3. Kyle & Mattie

Highest Rank – 3  Lowest Rank – 5         Last Week – 7 (+4)

For about 30 of the 44 minutes it looked like nothing could go this pairs way. In the Fallout challenge, wind picked up and the bell swayed just out of the finger tips of Kyle. Then this pair gets nominated for a second week in a row. Then they entered the Killing Floor and their stance in the game shifted dramatically. Mattie and Kyle both swept the other teams in elimination and in doing so took out two alligence members for their rivals Cara and Paulie. The ton of the game is about to pick up for Kyle/Mattie. Mattie may have taken out two weaker girls but… Kyle took out CT!

2. Nany & Turbo

Highest Rank – 2  Lowest Rank – 3         Last Week – 5 (+3)

This is the team everyone has been thinking they were. A dominate performing team who will do what ever it takes to make it to the end. Turbo appeared to be the fastest on the Fallout challenge, as it looked to take about 10 seconds to complete. Finally getting a top 3 finish wasn’t enough as Nany called out CT and just made it known that she is to be feared in this game. Turbo’s comments at the voting might have gone unnoticed but upon further review Turbo voted in Kyle due to two reasons, he said he couldn’t do that to Amanda, and that they are all here for war and not love.

1. Paulie & Ninja

Highest Rank – 1  Lowest Rank – 1         Last Week – 1 (0)

Three out of four challenges these two have been in the top 3. Did we expect anything less from the start? One thing for sure about this team is they can ride the Tribunal to the finals as they are constantly performing well in the dailies. It appears clear that Paulie vs. Kyle is the direction the show will go until one of them are eliminated. From a viewers perspective one could only imaging how crazy a Tribunal could get if both finish in the top 3 in the coming weeks. *Repeat side note* – Ninja dominated yet again and wasn’t involved in the drama.

The Results

13. CT & Julia

Finished 13th place

Another week and another legend sent home. CT got caught up in JP’s pride and it cost him. Trying to coast off his reputation has forced CT to take a step back and re-evaluate his game play. Julia did okay in the daily challenge but gave the show nothing else. For CT fans, this road has a fork in it. To the left is retirement as his lack of taking a challenge serious is hurting him. To the right, he gets back into shape and becomes what fans have been clamoring for, and that is a beast CT.

14. JP & Natalie

Finished 14th place

So that was quick. Just as this pair gets it’s first set of interviews and more camera time, they are gone. Natalie had a poor performance in the Fallout challenge. JP wanted to go after his challenge idol in CT to prove he can compete. However, both members of this pair were the first to lose a ring in the elimination and were sent home because of it. What a shame that the only episode they get any camera time they get booted. Will The Challenge ghosts return for season 34?

15. Morgan & Bananas

Finished in 15th Place.

16. Chase & Ashley

Finished in 16th Place.

Image result for Ashley mitchell the challenge

17. Liz & Alan

Finished in 17th Place.

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