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Pathetic & UnBEARable

4 weeks, 4 challenge champions gone… is this really a new generation taking over the game? Does Stephen Bear know how to treat women? Did Zach Nichols have his worst season of The Challenge ever? Hint: The answer to 2/3 is “no”.

Out with the old and in with the new? Did Wes & Dee make that untrue? 14 elimination wins later for Mr. Bergmann and the answer is clear. Hell No. These fresh meat might be performing, but don’t you ever count out OR call out Weston Bergmann and Dee Nguyen. Not even a surprise elimination can take Wes out. With Relic in hand and sites set on being the #TeamTroubleFromDownUnder there’s no telling what manipulative mastermind moves this team is going to pull off next week.

Zach & Zahida’s historically poor elimination choices (Wes & Bananas) may not even be the worst part of this season for them. Not only did they finish 12th, but going forward, Zach has potentially lost two of his closest allies in Bananas & Cara. Being called out as a fake friend twice hurts, but being called into elimination by your “friends” hurts even more. Hopefully Zach can come into next season with a little more respect for women and a little tighter game strategy.

Fucking pathetic is right Teej.

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Winners never quit, and quitters never win… according to the wisest man on the show – does this mean Bear & Da’Vonne’s chances are over? After that PATHETIC performance, Bear may have just had one of the worst challenge episode of all time… and he didn’t even go home. He proved himself to be a total dick, a misogynistic ass, and someone who is so lucky he was part of the UK alliance that he somehow escaped elimination tonight. Our heart goes out to you Da’Vonne – keep on keepin on, don’t quit girl!

In case anyone was wondering, this is what someone who never quits looks like. Turbo might not know what it means to go at a steady pace, but he sure as hell knows how to treat all people with respect.

Let’s not forget that Paulie & Ninja, Nany & Turbo, & Cara & Theo showed out AGAIN at the daily challenge “Tired Out.” It’s pretty clear that these three teams are in the top tier and who to look out for. Paulie and Ninja have a serious chance to go the whole season without missing a tribunal, they really are that good. Paulie might be a horrible person, and he might have spent 3 years in the redemption house on Final Reckoning, but he showed us what he can do with kick ass partner in Ninja Natalie Duran.

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