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How Bag Do You Want It?

Yet another legend goes down tonight on this crazy fucking season of The Challenge. Never in my life did I think Leroy, who has beaten both Wes & Bananas MULTIPLE TIMES in eliminations, would lose to Da’Vonne and Stephen fucking Bear. I am running out of tears to shed and favorites to root for. But let’s be real, Shaleen pulling one bag at a time is pathetic. If Roy Lee the Barber had any other girl besides Amanda, he would 100% still be in the house.

To add insult to injury, not only did Leroy get sent home tonight, but according to Lee himself, MTV completely mis-portrayed him this season.

I am only going to say this One.More.Time. PUT SOME RESPECT ON LEROY’S NAME. If Leroy never wins a season of The Challenge he will STILL BE one of the greatest to ever be cast on the show and there is no denying it.

Whether it’s The Challenge God’s, Theo, or Kam- Leroy is bound to follow through on what Turbo said tonight.

Moving on to the episode, “Doom Buggy” is one of those challenges I would pay to try. You want me to climb tire after tire on a monster truck pulling me 30 km/hr in the desert? Where do I sign. Great showings came in for Kyle, Wes, Paulie, & Hunter this week, they all killed it.

As for Ninja & Turbo, we were disappointed in your showing, but to say you haven’t been performing is absolutely not true so as two of our favorite newbies… we’ll let this one slide.

Get Married, Have Children > Vote in Paulie. These two have really done a great job making this rivalry worth watching for the second season in a row. Both have really strong teams and both can back their shit up every single week.

At the end of it all, one bag isn’t going to cut it. Leroy, if you’re reading this, it’s not too late. Come back and you’ll get a good partner again eventually, or not get screwed over like Dirty XXX and Vendettas, a win is in you future.

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