War of the Worlds: Week 6 Power Rankings

In love and war, comes this week’s challenge. A love triangle becomes a one-way street. A bad ass daily challenge called Doom Buggy shows us who came to compete. Wes leads the vets against the UK alliance and we say goodbye to a 10-time challenge vet. These rankings will reflect on the last episode, based on performance, drama caused, alliance movement, and of course opinion. These rankings will also be a collection of three different sets of power rankings from the staff and averaged out to give the most unbiased rankings on the web.

10. Josh & Amanda

Highest Rank – 10       Lowest Rank – 10       Last Week – 10 (0)

Let’s get the positive out of the way, this pair didn’t move down or get selected to elimination. That’s it, no more positives for this team. Their episode 2 win was a fluke, and for another week this pair is on the bottom of the list after another poor performance in the daily. As it stands right now this is the lay up of the season. The only way this pair is going to move up after this is to either have a dominate performance in a daily or elimination, or just keep hoping other pairs go home.

9. Jenna & Gus

Highest Rank – 9  Lowest Rank – 9         Last Week – 8 (-1)

A week after having a 4th place finish, this pair ended up in 10th with only 4 total tires released. Gus’ face got messed up again, although this shows his willingness to throw his body at anything for a win. With Leroy going home, Jenna keeps moving up the vet list for the UK to target.

8. Da’Vonne & Bear

Highest Rank – 7  Lowest Rank – 8       Last Week – 11 (+3)

So, this performance for the week was not bad. As a pair they finished 6th in the daily challenge with 9 tires, and had Bear not went up against Wes, they might have snuck into the Tribunal. Both sides of the pair held up their end. Bear was shown a lot, first with Nany, talking about how he fancies her over Georgia. Later he was confronting Wes and the other jury about the comment (even though he just did an interview about lying to not get into trouble). Onto the Killing Floor, and this pair performed well. This was a difficult and tiring elimination, but the pair only squeaked out a win over Leroy and Shaleen. It will be interesting to see how the new game wits will be played with Bears focus being on Wes/Dee now.

7. Kam & Ashley

Highest Rank – 7        Lowest Rank – 8         Last Week – 6 (-1)

Image result for Ashley Cain the challenge

Kam had a lot of attention on her this whole episode, but not just in a good way. Her relationship with Leroy took a toll, but she may have found what she’s looking for in Theo anyways. In the daily, this pair under-performed, one would have to think. Finishing 8th overall by only getting 7 total tires. Kam only released 1 tire herself. With Leroy out of the house, Kam will get to relax more and get comfortable, but if this pair doesn’t step up, the Killing Floor will have TJ calling their name soon.

6. Hunter & Georgia

Highest Rank – 3        Lowest Rank – 6         Last Week – 7 (+1)

Love was in the air for each member of this pair. Georgia was heartbroken when Wes delivered the Bear news, that seemed to roll over once Bear convinced her otherwise. Hunter seems to be developing some interest in Nany. In the daily, we saw a top 2 finish for the pair. Hunter was ¼ players to get all 10 tires released. This was a great step in the correct direction for a pair who didn’t perform well last week.

5. Kyle & Mattie

Highest Rank – 4        Lowest Rank – 5         Last Week – 5 (0)

Since when are pirates good competitors? Kyle has stepped up each season, continuing to improve and be a physical force. This pair finished 3rd by 19 seconds over Cara/Theo. The most entertaining part of this pair in the Tribunal was how calm they were towards Paulie/Ninja. Right now, this is a contender to be worried about.

4. Cara & Theo

Highest Rank – 2        Lowest Rank – 6         Last Week – 3 (-1)

A good showing for these two. It seems like this is the “couple” pair, as no episode has gone by without some showing of a relationship from either Cara/Paulie, or Kam/Theo. Even with all the focus on this pair, nothing seems to phase them. A 4th place finish in the challenge was good, losing to a rival pair, not so much. The positive part of this episode is Cara is #2 on Kyle’s list, and Theo no longer has to worry about Leroy.

3. Nany & Turbo

Highest Rank – 2        Lowest Rank – 4         Last Week – 2 (-1)

Nany appears to have two men interested in her. She seems to be going towards Hunter over Bear. In the daily Nany was the best performing female with 5 tires. Nany continues to show grit and heart in everything asked towards her. Turbo on the other hand didn’t have a good week. Very little camera time from the quote king of the season, and he also only released 3 tires, meaning he only outperformed Josh. This could’ve been a one bad performance for Turbo and something to not investigate.

2. Wes & Dee

Highest Rank – 1  Lowest Rank – 5         Last Week – 4 (+2)

The man always playing chess, while others are playing checkers. Wes/Dee had immunity from the Killing Floor this week and still pulled out a top 2 performance. In the house Wes did what he does best and that’s trying to cause a commotion within an opposing alligence. This pair sent in Bear and Da’Vonne to try and break up the UK alligence, and although it didn’t work, all Bear can think about is Wes. Until that pair can perform, Wes/Dee have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, if this pair can continue to perform, as well as be very political at the same time, then a final appears is in their future.

1. Paulie & Ninja

Highest Rank – 1  Lowest Rank – 1         Last Week – 1 (0)

Another week, another #1 in the power rankings. Even in a week where this pair doesn’t move into the Tribunal, and get nominated for elimination, and Ninja has her worst performing week to dates, they are still safe. Finishing 5th in the daily, with Paulie getting all 10 tires released. The friendly banter between Paulie and Kyle was amusing. The feeling in the air is that if this pair doesn’t get back to winning, they will find themselves on the Killing Floor, as they are the biggest threat in the house. Odd’s are they will return to the Tribunal next week.

The Results

11. Leroy & Shaleen

This pairs time has finally come to an end. First the positive and that is how well Shaleen performed in the daily compared to the other female competitors, with only two out performing her. However, Leroy only pulled 3 tires off and finished towards the bottom for the men. Combined this paid finished in 9th out of 11 teams. The rest of the episode was the love situation with Kam. No touch-up on this situation as the reunion is sure to bring out the truth. At the Killing floor Da’Vonne and Bear called them out. In the end Shaleen couldn’t out work Da’Vonne as they lost 37 bags to 40 bags. After 10 seasons of not winning, Leroy will need to fix his social game if he wants to see a final again.

12. Zach & Zahida

Finished in 12th Place

13. CT & Julia

Finished 13th place

14. JP & Natalie

Finished 14th place

15. Morgan & Bananas

Finished in 15th Place.

16. Chase & Ashley

Finished in 16th Place.

17. Liz & Alan

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