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Go Big AND Go Home

Not Today Satan.

FINALLY, After all this waiting, we say goodbye to the team who has ANCHORED our power rankings week after week. Goodbye Josh & Amanda, horrible job, hope to see you never.

Besides Bananas going home 2nd, the craziest part of this entire season might be the fact that either A) Josh & Amanda actually won a daily or B) They nearly beat Ashley & Killa Kam in an elimination!

Me and Bear actually had the same face when we saw Josh & Amanda near the top…

A sly sly move from Wes & Dee on The Killing Floor to save face is what set this in motion, but I think MTV made it really obvious that if Kam & Ashley were the ones picked, we would have seen the same teams… and the same result.

Let’s backtrack towards the beginning – the daily “Eye in the Sky” was fucking awesome. VR Goggles on a Challenge? This really is the 20 nineteenth century people!! I am completely impressed with the amount of teams who finished and we actually saw a shocking tribunal this week with Bear & Da’Vonne and Gus & Jenna, but of course Wes & Dee reclaimed their seat at the table.

To not a whole lot of surprise, Jenna & Gus put in Josh & Amanda, and although it makes sense that Wes & Dee weren’t trying to make enemies, putting in Kam & Ash simply seems dangerous. Bear essentially bullying Da’Vonne into voting in one of her top alliance members was real shady and if he thought for any second that Da’Vonne was going to vote them in to the killing floor than he is plain stupid.

Despite Ashley saying that Josh was “fucking petrified,” Mr. Martinez truly held his ground and he and Amanda put up a really good fight in the elimination. We may never like Amanda being on the show, but we can definitely appreciate a team that performs when they talk shit and sticks up for women and their teammates. Props to Josh tonight, but still glad you’re gone.

It’s tough to say that what seems like are the two weakest teams left both made the tribunal tonight… this season is something else.

Until next week. #TheChallenge33 #WarOfTheWorlds.

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