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War of the Worlds: Week 7 Power Rankings

Loyalty came into play this week as the challengers were tested in both the daily and in the house. In the daily “Eye In The Sky” the teams had to trust their partner to lead while blind. Kam and Theo’s relationship continues to grow, and the challenge finally catches up with another pair. These rankings will reflect on the last episode, based on performance, drama caused, alliance movement, opinion, and the previous rankings. These rankings will also be a collection of three different sets of power rankings from the staff and averaged out to give the most unbiased rankings on the web.

9. Kyle & Mattie

Highest Rank – 5        Lowest Rank – 9         Last Week – 5 (-4)

Every week the narrative changes for those who gets camera time, this week Kyle and Mattie got almost none. Add that with them being the worst finishing team out of the remaining 9 in the daily challenge, puts them on the bottom this week. The one thing it does appear, based on what is known of Kyle’s game play in the past, is that he very well might be playing both sides of the US and UK alligence. However, as soon as it’s figured out that these two are playing both sides of the fence it’s only a matter of time before they get flipped on. Add to it, this team is the #1 enemy of the best team in the house and Kyle & Mattie have killing floor written all over them. His main alliance of Bananas and Zach has fallen apart and although he still has some of the UK on his side, without performing well in the Killing floor, their time may be coming to an end.

8. Hunter & Georgia

Highest Rank – 5        Lowest Rank – 8         Last Week – 6 (-2)

This ranking reflects almost the same as Kyle and Mattie, the main difference is they performed a lot better. This pair appears to do amazing if endurance inst involved. Georgia had two interviews which were nothing captivating. This pair could move up next week as it appears both will be involved in some interesting drama. It seems to be only a matter of time before Hunter’s mouth gets this team into the killing floor and although Georgia is on this team, the dwindling american alliance does not leave Hunter in the best position, especially with his tie to Wes.

7. Cara & Theo

Highest Rank – 3        Lowest Rank – 7         Last Week – 4 (-3)

So, this week was a bit of a reverse for this pair, where they finished 8th place in the daily challenge, but had some interesting drama go down and had a good number of interviews. Theo’s girl Kam remained in the game after winning the elimination, and one of Cara’s biggest rivals Amanda got sent home. Outside of this nothing great from this pair this week.

6. Jenna & Gus

Highest Rank – 5        Lowest Rank – 9         Last Week – 9 (+3)

The silent but deadly team as Jenna put it, continued to improve from challenge to challenge. This was the pairs 3rd time in the top 4 and 1st time in the Tribunal. Gus and Jenna saw several interviews and even got to send in Jenna’s long-time rival Amanda. Not only that but Amanda went home, which can only make Jenna’s game easier as she doesn’t have to worry about the stress of the drama that comes with the deep hated rivalry. If this team continues to perform every week fans will be reminded just who Jenna used to be, and that’s somebody who can sneak their way to a final.

5. Kam & Ashley

Highest Rank – 4  Lowest Rank – 7         Last Week – 7 (+2)

Image result for Ashley Cain the challenge

This week we got to see Ashley perform in an elimination. We also got to see Amanda and Josh dominate Killa and the beast. If not for a mistake this pair could’ve been out of the challenge. However, credit must be given for not making the same mistake and for keeping their composure while nearly losing in the elimination. Kam appears to be feeling comfortable with the UK alliance which is still going strong with 4 teams. One must think if Ashley/Kam really are going after Wes, or if its all to fool the house.

4. Da’Vonne & Bear

Highest Rank – 4        Lowest Rank – 8         Last Week – 8 (+4)

A solid week form this pair. A great performance in the daily challenge. Ton’s of camera time, the epic Da’Vonne eye roll, and an alliance still holding strong together. The one downfall of this pair is still the lack of direction. Both appear to be playing their own game, which could come to bite them in the end as they could be at the end of both alliances they hold. However, back to back weeks from winning an elimination to finishing in the top 3, performance wise, this team is hitting their stride at a good time in the game.

3. Nany & Turbo

Highest Rank – 2        Lowest Rank – 3         Last Week – 3 (0)

A solid job for this team as they finished the daily fast, in what appears to be a top 5/6 finish. A good amount of camera time as well. One big factor here is that Nany is starting to lead a US alliance against the UK. She is willing to do what ever she needs to get the other teams together and work to take them out. Also, this pair appears to put fear in all teams’ eyes as nobody even thinks about voting them in, outside of Da’Vonne wanting to burn vote them (because she knows nobody would vote them as well).

2. Paulie & Ninja

Highest Rank – 1        Lowest Rank – 2         Last Week – 1 (-1)

A good week for this pair I will say. In the daily they finished 4th/5th place and set the tone for teams to finish. They were called out by Bear, but Da’Vonne showed her colors by not voting for them to go in. This pair got a decent amount of camera time as well. The fact that they have been consistently strong in every challenge and the Tribunal still didn’t want to vote them in, just shows how strong of a pull they have in the house. This ranking might be more on merit then just this week as a reminder. Something tells me they will be back in the Tribunal sooner than later.

1. Wes & Dee

Highest Rank – 1        Lowest Rank – 7         Last Week – 2 (+1)

We have a new #1 this week, as Wes/Dee made the Tribunal back to back, and for the 3rd time this season. So far this is becoming one of Wes’s top 3 seasons. He is performing well in dailies, forming unknown alliances, and calling who ever he wants into the nominations without consequences. As for Dee, she is not backing down from anything, even when it comes to calling people out, which she did on Bear to Paulie. It is crazy how vocal Wes/Dee are about getting the UK alliance out, yet the UK isn’t really wanting to target them as much…one must wonder if some lava is brewing.

The Results

10. Josh & Amanda

Finished in 10th Place.

Time has finally caught up with Amanda and Josh as they fell very early in the daily challenge and Amanda’s rival since Invasion, Jenna, voted them in. Amanda tried to mend the fence with Jenna with the help of Nany, but no one will know if it was to save herself from elimination or to bury a hatchet. Back in the house Josh got into it with Ashley, showing he’s not afraid of the beast. Down on the killing floor they called out Kam and Ashley and were cruising on their way to an elimination win, until a small slip up happened. This elimination will certainly go down with an asterisk next to it, as Amanda and Josh weren’t allowed to try and climb again, while Kam and Ashley clearly were going back to back. Had they not slipped up, this would’ve been their best performance on an otherwise disappointing season. For a team that was sitting at the bottom for the whole season, finishing 10/17 was incredibly impressive.

11. Leroy & Shaleen

Finished in 11th Place

12. Zach & Zahida

Finished in 12th Place

13. CT & Julia

Finished 13th place

14. JP & Natalie

Finished 14th place

15. Morgan & Bananas

Finished in 15th Place.

16. Chase & Ashley

Finished in 16th Place.

17. Liz & Alan

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