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A Second Look @ War of the Worlds Episode 7

Through six episodes of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, one thing has been on the minds of Challenge fans around the globe.

Why is nobody going after Amanda?

Well, this week, most of us got our wish.

The much-maligned “Are You the One?” alum, who has a penchant for running her mouth better than performing in daily challenges, was finally sent packing, along with partner Josh, in another grueling Killing Floor that saw Killa Kam and Ashley C ship Amanda and Josh home.

Let’s look at how we got here.

Week 7’s challenge showcased another heights challenge, with blindfolded players negotiating a grueling obstacle course high above the African desert. Wes and Dee, Bear and Da’vonne, and Gus and Jenna soared high above the rest, forming the Tribunal.

It was obvious Bear was going to go after Paulie and Ninja Natalie, but Bear’s cockiness may come back to bite him later in the game. Paulie and Da’vonne are Big Brother buddies, and Bear is acting like a control freak. Heck, one on one, Natalie would likely run circles around him.

Voting Amanda and Josh in was a no-brainer to me. Not only were they arguably the weakest team in the house, Amanda is just a terrible person. She stops at nothing to take personal attacks on people, whether it’s trying to sabotage Jenna and Zach’s relationship or wishing ill will on Cara Maria’s horse.

Calling out Kam and Ashley C was a big mistake on Amanda and Josh’s part too. Kam is strong in eliminations, and she and Ashley C found a way to get it done and send Amanda packing.

The house will have more positive vibes going forward now that Amanda is gone. I imagine Bear will now have the largest target on his back, leaving Da’vonne on eternal damage control duties.

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