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BEAR by Name, BEAR by Nature

From cousin kissing motherfucker to giving Gus & Jenna the boot, what an episode it was for Bear & Da’Vonne.

In homage to the past version of “Pole Wrestle”, AKA one of the greatest the eliminations of all time, TJ tells us that tonight – Bear & Da’Vonne and Gus & Jenna were playing “Push & Pole.” In this new (exactly the same) elimination, all it takes was a first to win 3 to take one of the only two remaining layup teams out of the game. A huge mistake from Gus and a dominating performance from Da’Vonne later, and the Barbie Beast and the pretty boy from Floribama with the busted lip are gone.

Without even trying… Bear & Da’Vonne were able to take out Gus & Jenna and somehow, someway, guarantee themselves a spot in the final 7. Be careful Gus before you speak to soon…

Let’s bring this one back.

Wes & Dee, Turbo & Nany, and Cara & Theo smoke the daily and is anyone surprised at this point? It took one week for Dee to learn how to swim and whoop 8 other girls asses. That is fucking impressive.

At this point, people really are playing Wes’ game. He either win’s the challenge, wins the elimination, or gets the team he wants on the Killing Floor. After Wes’ historic career on The Challenge, could this be his best season yet? King Wes has taken over War of the Worlds.

Bear is a fucking trash human. Please Georgia, realize this before it’s too late. Any man that treats women the way he does, no matter how many excuses he may have, is pathetic. There is no defense for Bear, and yes the ultimate revenge for nearly half of these teams will be to send him home and now teams might get their wish without the collateral that comes with, Da’Vonne.

Turbo with the never-ending life advice.

In the mid-season trailer we learn huge fucking news, we’re ditching the partners and everyone will be playing individually. HOLY SHIT. Will this last? How many people are going to make the final? What the fuck is going on? There are so many questions… AND WE NEED ANSWERS.

Officially halfway down and with next to no layup teams and players left, us Challenge Stans are in for a treat. You killed it MTV.

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