Two Bangers & a Puzzle

Raise your hand if you’re upset we didn’t get to see Beast in a physical elimination. Not that we necessarily want to see Paulie end up in the hospital but… when Ashley’s arms are the size of a watermelon, it would have been sick to see what he could’ve done in a headbanger.

After Wes nearly invites Paulie & Ninja to vote in him and Dee, Paulie & Ninja instead pulled off a huge move taking out Kam & Ash by the skin of their teeth tonight. Both teams had TJ check, but in the end, the best team stayed in the game AND earned the last remaining relic. “Who’s coming to the final with me?” Can Paulie pull this off two seasons in a row!?

The Challenge Gods had other things on their mind tonight-getting Kam to puke, AND COMPLETELY FLIPPING THIS WHOLE GAME ON ITS HEAD. TJ hit us with TWO MAJOR TWISTS TONIGHT.


Secondly, THERE IS ONLY ONE WINNER. $750,000. One more time… $750,000. This isn’t some bullshit where Ashley Mitchell steals is… this is a fight your ass off with 14 people left to EARN the title of a Challenge Champion and $750,000. The game is up for grabs.

Who else noticed how happy Turbo looked when TJ said there were no more teams?…

This was our faces when Hunter & Georgia pulled the misdirect and we didn’t get to see what would happen if the Tribunal couldn’t come together.

After the last time seeing teams in the tribunal, and Cara & Theo, Hunter & Georgia, and Kyle & Mattie showing out again – the remainder of this game is going to be a true mystery until next Wednesday.

What are the eliminations gonna be like? Will a male and a female go home each week? Will there still be 3/6 winners for each challenge? How do we decide who is going in? With 14 players left, it truly feels like a new season of The Challenge just started. Ladies & Gentleman, welcome to the real war of the worlds.

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