Show Recaps,  War of The Worlds,  Written by: Ryan McLaughlin (@rmclaughlin23)

Every Man for Themselves

Ask any fan of The Challenge who they believe the dirtiest player in the game is, and most will tell you it’s the same person.

Not Bananas. Not Cara. Not CT or Wes. Not any of the “Lavender Ladies.”
It’s T.J. Lavin. Our esteemed host.

After a thrilling episode that saw Paulie and Ninja Natalie send Killa Kam and Ashley C home, T.J. came at us with the prototypical mid-season twist.
It’s every man and woman for themselves. Three paychecks up for grabs at the end, regardless of gender, with the winner pocketing $750,000. 

In a way, this is a great thing for the likes of Wes, Cara, Paulie, Ninja, Nany and Hunter.

Why? This challenge is quickly turning into last summer’s Ryder Cup in the context that the United Kingdom alliance is alive and well. And Bear’s arrogance would make Ian Poulter pump his fist.

Now that there’s no more teams, these players can focus on their own games. No more partners to potentially drag them down. Now Cara can work with Paulie more, and all the guys will be gunning for Kyle and Bear. 

Who are the favorites?

For the ladies, I’d have to say Cara is the player to beat. Remember, she beat all the boys in the final on Vendettas, and you can make an argument that she’s the greatest female player of all time. Nany is quietly having a strong season, and don’t count out Ninja Natalie either.

For the guys, it’s a toss-up. Team USA is going to have to band together to pick off the UK guys. Wes and Hunter have the brains and brawn to get it done, as does Paulie. Taking Bear out would be a great start, and without Mattie to lean on, Kyle is by himself. Those two guys should have big targets on their backs. Without Bananas – the greatest of all time – in the house, it’s wide-open for the guys. We can’t forget that Wes is still here, potentially in his greatest season of all time.

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