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Animal Abuse


We were blessed with the greatest fights, greatest quotes, and some ANIMAL ABUSE when Kyle swept BEAR out of the Killing Floor and back to the U.K.

Did Bear really humble himself? Is he actually a loser? After starting this season out real quiet, Bear, like it or not, was one of the stars of the season. It just so happened it was for all the wrong reasons. Talking mad shit, being an unfaithful asshole, and winning multiple eliminations AND daily challenges brought Bear to the center stage. We may never root for Bear, but we can almost guarantee that we’ll be seeing him again on season 34.

Moving on… if anyone thinks they can fuck up Turbo, instead of giving you our opinion, we’ll let Da’Vonne speak the truth.

SON OF THE BITCH. If for some reason that wasn’t enough – let the man tell you himself!

TURBO SMELLED FEAR TONIGHT. Hunter, what the fuck were you thinking. YOU ARE EASY MEAT. YOU ARE NOT HUMAN, YOU ARE CHICKEN. Hunter is incredibly lucky that Turbo didn’t say his name or he probably would’ve seen the killing floor. The real Turbo came out tonight and now we love him even more.

Although Mattie didn’t finish faster than the men tonight, by getting 7 balls, she proved tonight she can not only go through hurricanes, she really is a hurricane! She tied Theo, Turbo, & Paulie who made the tribunal and shockingly left Bear on the wall when deciding who not to put in. All three continue to show their dominance week after week, even with three less spots to fill.

Finally, how about that throwback to THE GAUNTLET 2 – NAME THE COCONUT elimination for the first trivia elimination in what feels like 10 years. Although it clearly wasn’t the two best competitors for this particular elimination, they still put on a show. Kyle, despite being underrated over and over, proves ONCE AGAIN he belongs on The Challenge. He has one of the best social games of all time, the best commentary hands down for the men, and can hold his own. All you need is heart. Ask Derrick, ask Kyle, ask Wes, CT, Cara, Paulie, the list goes on an on. Next week will show people’s colors even more when deciding what women are going into the elimination and WE CAN NOT WAIT.

What an episode, what a season.

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