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If Wes gets drunk off power then we probably won’t see him sober until Season 34. Wes has taken War of the Worlds by storm and made everyone his pawn. He taught the rookies he trusts how to play his game and has set up an alliance that seems impossible to fail. He basically has his own show within the show at this point.

Spoken like a true Challenge Legend.

Let’s face it, this is Wes’ season and we’re all living in it. There are 12 people other than him left in the house and after tonight, 10/12 have his back. We’re really not sure how he did it, but Wes and his angels are full steam ahead towards the final.

Raise your hand if you don’t have a deal with Wes this season…

Yes this counts, and pretend Da’Vonne is in there too. He even got Paulie to be in his graces after “saving Kyle”.

You’d have to be pretty stupid to call people out about it then not finish in the top 3 as well…

Although we won’t see an elimination this week, we at least got to see Theo in true form. The Lankiest Geezer never stood a chance against that puzzle.

Wes, Mattie, & Dee calling in Georgia to go on The Killing Floor was no surprise after Georgia broke off her deal, BUT, who will she call in? We already basically know it won’t be Da’Vonne. We’re here guessing she wants to come back and won’t put in Cara, so that leaves us with Nany & Ninja. By default you would be out of your mind to go against Ninja so really this cliffhanger MTV decided to leave us with seems like not much of a cliffhanger at all.

Regardless, as dumb as it may have been in the long-run, Georgia held her ground, retracted her deal with the devil and will be going “Rogue like Rambo” next week on the Killing Floor and we CAN.NOT.WAIT.

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