War of the Worlds: Week 11 Power Rankings

A veteran voiced her opinion, the game received a puzzling drift, and the mind games continued. This week showed that everybody is scrambling to establish themselves to get a shot at the final as $750,000 looms in the back ground.

These rankings will reflect on the last episode, based on performance, drama caused, alliance movement, and of course opinion. These rankings will also be a collection of three different sets of power rankings from the staff and averaged out to give the most unbiased rankings on the web.

13. Georgia

Highest Rank – 10            Lowest Rank – 13       Last Week – 12 (-1)

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This was the first episode without her man, Bear. This episode saw Georgia under-perform in the daily by timing out. After that she received a deal with the Tribunal, to which she took then refused, threw us for a loop as it was her only move in the game to save herself. Each week for the last 3 episodes her alliance has been getting smaller and her performance has dropped. Add in the fact that she was voted onto the Killing Floor, puts her on the bottom. She needs not just an elimination win but also a successful performance in the next challenge if she makes it.

12. Da’Vonne

Highest Rank – 11      Lowest Rank – 12       Last Week – 11 (-1)

This week it was more of the same to be expected from Da’Vonne, great commentary, followed by poor daily performance, topped with a conflict with another challenger. After listening to the way the house has been voting and looking forward to the final, it’s easy to see that Da is set up as this season’s layup. However, this might actually be able to help her make the final.

11. Nany

Highest Rank – 10            Lowest Rank – 13       Last Week – 10 (-1)

That fiery side of Nany came out this week, although it was different than in past seasons. This time Nany was calling out Cara after being fed up with the way she feels she’s changed. Nany at this point appears paranoid, which as Wes explained, you’re supposed to be at this point. Nany finished the daily challenge which is more than 6 others can say, but with no known protection right now, Nany appears on the chopping block going forward.

10. Hunter

Highest Rank – 10      Lowest Rank – 11       Last Week – 9 (-1)

No surprise here, Hunter has shown, and made it known that puzzles aren’t his thing. This has to change. For a player to evolve, all aspects of their game need to be enhanced. Hunter has been quiet since the teams split up and needs to get back on track to defending his current title of champion. Right now, if the Killing Floor presents a puzzle, Hunter is going to get called out over all other guys, so he needs a Tribunal next week to prevent that.

9. Dee

Highest Rank – 9  Lowest Rank – 9         Last Week – 13 (+4)

A very impressive showing here for Dee. A top 3 finish in the daily, and a developed social game shown in the Tribunal. It’s apparent that Dee has learned from Wes and is taking full advantage of power when it’s in her hands. With this new group around her, Dee can start setting her sights on the top 5, and a potential final appearance.

8. Kyle

Highest Rank – 6        Lowest Rank – 8         Last Week – 7 (-1)

Kyle ate Burger King with his friends. That’s the highlight for him this episode. Currently, Paulie is convinced Kyle is working with Wes, which means he’s working with Hunter, and Paulie/Cara appear to see right through it (if it’s true). Kyle didn’t finish the puzzle on the daily, but was safe this week, so almost no harm no foul. Just like Hunter, Kyle looks to be a potential target of any Killing Floor puzzle, so he needs to build up some momentum and make sure he makes the Tribunal over Paulie to better his position in the game.

7. Ninja

Highest Rank – 5  Lowest Rank – 8         Last Week – 8 (+1) Ninja has grown into one of the key interviews for describing a daily challenge from not only in a rule detailed way but also from a competitor view on it. Ninja finished her puzzle and wasn’t on the radar of the Tribunal at all. This means she is safe due to Dee, and maybe Wes/Mattie. Might be some sort of alliance here that hasn’t been shown.

Ninja has grown into one of the key interviewees for describing a daily challenge from not only in a rule detailed way but also from a competitor view on it. Ninja finished her puzzle and wasn’t on the radar of the Tribunal at all. This means she is safe due to Dee, and maybe Wes/Mattie. Might be some sort of alliance here that hasn’t been too clearly shown in the works.

6. Theo

Highest Rank – 5        Lowest Rank – 7         Last Week – 6 (0)

Theo needs to be thankful this wasn’t a male elimination day. A poor performance in the daily (unable to finish the puzzle, even though he appeared quite confident) and saw the people targeting him the most in the Tribunal. This was a very quiet episode for Theo, but from what was shown, it’s easy to see he needs to build up his network to not go onto the Killing Floor next week.

5. Turbo

Highest Rank – 3        Lowest Rank – 6         Last Week – 2 (-3)

Okay, so Turbo isn’t great at everything. BUT, Turbo is great at almost everything, including keeping his name out of other peoples mouths. He plays an honest game, and is one of the more imposing challengers left. One thing is for sure, Turbo might have performed poorly this week, which almost guarantees he will step his game up next week to prove to himself he’s better than his last showing.

4. Cara Maria

Highest Rank – 2        Lowest Rank – 7         Last Week – 3 (-1)

Cara was very calm and collected this episode. She appeared to make rational decisions within her conversations and interviews. In the daily challenge she performed well. Then she got nominated by the Tribunal due to Mattie wanting to get her back. Wes stated from the beginning he wanted to get in Cara’s head and figure out a way to play the game with her. In the Tribunal, Cara was given the same offer as the other girls, except she carried Paulie with her in any deal. If you asked the challenge fans who would take the deal from the Tribunal first, Cara might have been 3rd on that list, as she is known to play the game by her rules. This move currently has kept Cara out of the Killing Floor unless Georgia picks her, and should help her make a 4th consecutive final.

3. Mattie

Highest Rank – 3        Lowest Rank – 4         Last Week – 4 (+1)

Hurricane Mattie is back, this time it only took 20 seconds to destroy the competition. Mattie killed the daily, beating everybody. This whole episode was Mattie coming out and not just continuing to show she’s a dominate competitor but also set her self up for success, leading to a potential final. Mattie being safe for another week will move her into the final 6 females. Gong forward it will be interesting to see what her relationship with Kyle will be due to her new alliance.

2. Paulie

Highest Rank – 2  Lowest Rank – 4         Last Week – 1 (-1)

Image result for paulie war of the worlds

The time has come, and Paulie has moved down from #1 this week. Paulie did well in the daily challenge, and didn’t stir up any controversy. After the Tribunal made their offer to Cara, it was made clear that Paulie would also receive the same protection going forward. Working now with Cara, Da, Turbo, Wes, Dee, and Mattie should all but make his road to the finals even easier.

1. Wes

Highest Rank – 1        Lowest Rank – 1         Last Week – 5 (+4)

The man known as The Challenge political mastermind is back again with more mental warfare. This show has been carried by 3 key components, the new prospects/UK alliance, the Cara/Paulie’s relationship, and then what ever is involving Wes. He has set himself up with shields left and right to protect him from all except Theo, Georgia, and Da’Vonne. Right now, Theo is the only person I think would call out Wes into an elimination, but with his ties in the game he is setting set up for another final. Wes made another Tribunal, which puts him at 5 total (most tied with Theo and Dee), and struck a deal with Cara/Paulie. The only question now is, who is the next to go on his chopping block.

The Results

14. Bear

Finished in 14th Place

15. Kam & Ashley

Finished in 15th Place

16. Jenna & Gus

Finished in 16th Place

17. Josh & Amanda

Finished in 17th Place.

18. Leroy & Shaleen

Finished in 18th Place

19. Zach & Zahida

Finished in 19th Place

20. CT & Julia

Finished 20th place

21. JP & Natalie

Finished 21st place

22. Morgan & Bananas

Finished in 22nd Place.

23. Chase & Ashley

Finished in 23rd Place.

24. Liz & Alan

Finished in 24th Place

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