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Integrity Vs. Loyalty

Before we get started, we have some questions after this episode…

  • Did Nany take one of the shittiest exits in Challenge history?
  • Who screwed over Nany worse? TJ, Turbo or Wes?
  • Is Ninja bogus for treating Turbo like that?
  • Will Paulie vote himself in?
  • Is Kyle actually fucked from his injuries?
  • Can Hunter go 15 minutes without needing attention?
“Fuck the Wes. Trust my technique.”

After a long awaited cliffhanger that MTV spoiled the answer to in the trailer, tonight’s episode left us scratching our heads just minutes into the show. What in the hell was Georgia thinking calling Turbo down to tape up Nany??? Apparently she was thinking of staying in the game because Turbo shocked us all by putting his integrity over his loyalty to Nany, smoking Wes, and handing Georgia one of the easiest W’s of the season.

While it may be true that Nany hasn’t worked out since she got there, Georgia still went Rogue like Rambo and beat her in what literally seemed like 5 seconds. ANOTHER impressive showing for the rookie.

The question is… who is to blame for this awful elimination? Is it the Challenge Gods for approving it? TJ for being the face of it? or Wes the Wanker for being REALLY BAD at it?

As they like to do around this time of the season, The Challenge gods gave us a competition that is usually like one of the checkpoints during a good final. Lot’s of endurance, plenty of strength, but really – it came down to who had the best strategy. For the 75% of you that voted “Heavy Items” over “More Trips” we applaud you. It was clear, since Ninja & Turbo, and Wes & Dee won that heavy items was clearly the right choice. But of course if you have freakish endurance like Georgia & Paulie then it doesn’t matter because you were gonna win anyway.

Iconic Photo of the Winning Pair

Was Ninja out of line for how she treated Turbo? We love them both but damn Ninja, he tried his heart out. Can you blame the man for having the best strategy and giving the most heart? I don’t think so. We are glad you tried to apologize and we hope to see this friendship rekindled because Turbo and Ninja for #TeamCan’tFuckMeUp and give the other teams nightmares.

Although Hunter had a TERRIBLE episode this week, his reaction to Georgia calling down Nany was the same reaction Challenge fans around the world when MTV DID IT TO US AGAIN.

Yes we are mad, BUT, at least this time we have a real cliffhanger and something to look forward to. And by something, we mean Hall Brawl. And by Hall Brawl, we mean – ONE OF THE GREATEST ELIMINATIONS OF ALL TIME. Is Kyle going in? Will Paulie volunteer himself? Does it even matter since we have A GOOD OLD FASHIONED HEAD BANGER?

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