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A Ticket to the Final

Let’s get one thing straight here… Challenge Airways > Spirit Airlines.

With that out of the way – TURBO & CARA are going STRAIGHT to the final. Congrats to both on what have been amazing seasons for the two. Neither one will see an elimination all season!

If Ashley Cain knew that all it took was milk to be as strong as Turbo, maybe he would’ve lasted a little longer… Turbo came out of the gate as a rookie and has taken The Challenge by the balls. He has won tribunal after tribunal and will go his entire rookie season without even seeing an elimination. If you wronged him, you really wronged yourself as Ninja and Dee saw tonight. If I am any competitor lucky enough to make it to the final, I am hands down excited and afraid to go against this man.

CARA CARA CARA CARA MARIAAAAAAAAAA. FOUR COUNT THEM FOUR STRAIGHT TRIPS TO THE FINAL. The Queen has at the very least claimed a spot to retake the crown after Final Reckoning and done so in dominating fashion. Like Turbo, Cara (especially lately) has seen many tribunals, won in the most important moments, and will not see an elimination this season. Cara is the female GOAT.

We can say how “smart” Paulie is for not volunteering to go in against Kyle all we want; BUT, when you talk all that shit over and over again, it comes to a point of put up or shut up, and as the crickets displayed – Paulie shut up. No one is praising Wes or Turbo for not volunteering themselves because they’re not dumb enough to even put themselves in a remotely similar situation. Keep the praise for the people who deserve it, not for the people who are leading us on.

Busted knee, Broken Toe, Big Heart

Kyle would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that lanky geezer and that Paulie not volunteering himself. All jokes aside, this hall brawl really did live up to the hype. Theo and Kyle BATTLED for that spot to stay in the game and Theo truly earned it, and proved what a competitor he can be. Kyle may have gone home before the final but he sure had one hell of a season. He took out CT, JP, and Bear while dealing with multiple enemies the entire game and his alliance being picked off one by one. Great effort, rough result.

Looking Ahead – Tug O’ War

What else can we say besides don’t fuck with Turbo? He got his wish (at least half of it) and despite “mending” his friendship with Dee, he still voted her on to the Killing Floor. Dee makes the obvious choice by bringing Da’Vonne down as her opponent after seeing what she did with the bags against Shaleen; BUT, Da’Vonne has proved me wrong time and time again and I look forward to seeing if she can do the same once more next week. Regardless, the two weakest girls are going against each other and no matter who stays – they won’t pose a threat to the remaining 9 challengers left in the game. They will likely end up being a liability for any partner they get during the final.

Final Takeaways from Tonight

Hunter you son of a bitch if he isn’t doing Sudoku’s and other puzzles until he gets the call for 34 he will literally never have a shot to win the game again.

On top of what is already going to maddening next week, the worst guy and the worst girl are going straight home. Does this mean if you don’t lose you’re going straight to the final? OR, will we see one more male and female elimination after Dee & Da. Only TJ knows…

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