Three Champs & 5 Bad-Ass Rookies

The Final is here.

After 14 short weeks of the greatest show on television, next week we will be blessed with the first half of what TJ Lavin is telling us will be one of the most gnarly finals of all time. Da’Vonne might not have made it this season, but we share her excitement in this moment knowing what’s about to go down next week.

Da’Vonne Vs. Dee

Even though we thought Dee was going to run through Da’Vonne tonight, coming out and saying “I am going to absolutely destroy her” is probably not your best move Dee… Either way, Da’vonne proved us YET AGAIN that she is a beast in the eliminations. And even though Dee went home, she proved herself to be one hell of a rookie and performed very well in her inaugural season. She said on Challenge Mania that she might not be back for a while, but can anyone ever pass up on an opportunity to be on The Challenge?

Judgement Day

Well shit. How lucky was Hunter that this wasn’t a puzzle?

This was by far the best daily challenge of the season. Not only was the mission itself insanely difficult and prove again this is not only a show but a sport, but this challenge was exhilarating, nail-biting, and at the end -heartbreaking when the big brother pair went home after monster seasons. Everyone but Paulie, Mattie, and Da’Vonne truly killed it. I’m not sure even some of the best challengers would have been able to complete this one.

Someone must’ve been cutting onions, because after the DOMINATING season that Paulie displayed, to see him go out in a purge and miss the final by one spot was actually heartbreaking. Tonight showed that even if you’re not a fan of Paulie, you can be a fan of someone who fights tooth and nail to the final second, despite injury, to do whatever it takes to make it to the end. I’m not saying that Paulie always sets good examples, but to see someone as well respected by his competitors go down and be open enough to show some emotion is respectable.

Two Episodes Left

Looking ahead to next week, we have part 1 of the final which The Challenge previewed with over 50 miles of sand, an IV going into someone’s arm, and son of a bitch another tribunal. All three vets left have one before, Wes and Cara twice, and Hunter is the reigning champ. These rookies might have come out of the gate hot on their first season, but will it be enough to take a championship away from the most experienced players left?