Show Recaps,  War of The Worlds

The Death Path

Let’s get this straight. This final is the most difficult final in the history of The Challenge and I would love to see anyone tell me otherwise. I can confidently say this after only seeing half of it because the contestants still have at least 26 miles and numerous checkpoints to go. We saw people go down on Cutthroat from heat exhaustion too, but nothing quite like this after 33 seasons.

It’s a good day to die young

This might not even be an exaggeration. Georgia was severely dehydrated and couldn’t get on the bike, Mattie quit from pure exhaustion, Ninja needed to spend time in the ambulance and to top it off, all remaining challengers were supposed to get fluids into them through an IV in the Painlocker after the first stage. And while contestants like Mattie are willing to give up their chance for the money that literally millions of people would die for to take her place, we at least know one thing is for sure…

And he’s not the only one. This is one of the greatest qualities that The Challenge holds. They have genuine people, who love to compete, and will take their bodies to the edge to do whatever it takes to get first place. Turbo fights his leg pain, Hunter fights pain, Wes passes up on a medic, and Ninja keeps competing after the ambulance. And while we are pretty confident in saying that Turbo is essentially a confirmed superhero, his competitors have really shown that they are too.

Wes’ Greatest Season Ever?

This very well could be the best season Wes has ever had in his illustrious challenge career. He talks more shit than anyone but consistently backs it up. He proves to us again that we can never doubt America’s favorite ginger as he is surprisingly the first one to reach the bikes, even before Theo. And although it seemed like Wes timed out on nearly every checkpoint he stilled finished the first half in 2nd. The great irony of it all is that Wes tells Theo that he will finish in a solid 4th or 5th in the final. Still, just 10 minutes behind and countless experience in finals, Wes can not be overlooked on the home stretch.

The Lankiest Geezer

Whether he was nearly an Olympic athlete or not, Theo Campbell came out of the gate flaming hot and finished the first half the same way. Theo has proven himself to be a force to reckon with. Not only is he smoking the bike rides and runs, but he seems to be killing the checkpoints too. If the 2nd half of the final is anything like the first, expect Theo to literally run away with the crown and the $750k… as a rookie.

First Half Standings

  1. Theo: 5 Hours & 34 Mins
  2. Wes: 5 Hours & 44 Mins
  3. Turbo: 5 Hours & 58 Mins
  4. Ninja: 6 Hours & 35 Mins
  5. Cara: 6 Hours & 43 Mins
  6. Hunter: 7 Hours & 3 Mins

It’s pretty safe to say the reigning champ will be releasing his title on Wednesday night. After getting $500k stolen from him last season, and losing his tennis shoes, Hunter seemed to have all the motivation he needed to be a true threat to pick up his second career win. Alas, his chances are slim and if there is even one puzzle remaining this final, you can count Hunter out.

Cara may have doomed herself by not taking the IV and with being a full hour behind, it doesn’t seem like Ninja has much of a chance left at first place either. The final seems to be coming down to 3 of the best competitors all season and the second half plays anything like the first half then Challenge Stans everywhere are in for a treat.

TJ Lavin might be the dirtiest player of all time, but he sure as hell isn’t a liar. This is the most difficult challenge of all time.